Advanced Data Analytics

Data is the new gold. Whatever business you are running, you are generating a lot of data in different forms, which can be analyzed in various ways to help your business thrive. At Solutyics, we help you learn from and make smart decisions on the basis of your data. Depending on your business and your precise needs, we can help you with anything from visualization of data to building advanced predictive models and complex analyses. Our solutions help you cut costs, increase sales and improve profitability.

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Statistical Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics Applications / Services

Text Analytics

Natural language processing can enable organizations to extract insights from unstructured data like text, further enabling them with tasks like sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and keyword extraction.

Business Intelligence

Data analysis tools can transform raw data into actionable insights. It facilitates organizations in making informed data-driven decisions for business growth through interactive dashboards and advanced analytics.

Predictive and Diagnostic Analytics

Advanced techniques can help businesses to understand the causes of problems and the factors influencing various business outcomes. Moreover, predictions can also be made based on identified patterns for proactive planning and management.

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Our Process Explained

Advanced Data Analytics Process


Machine learning, predictive modeling, and prescriptive modeling are a part of advanced data analytics techniques.

The ability of businesses to make data-driven informed decisions, identify hidden patterns and trends, optimize operations, and improve customer experience to attain a competitive edge is made possible with advanced data analytics.

Advanced data analytics can analyze various forms of data i.e., structured data from databases, unstructured data from text sources, and semi-structured data like emails.

Common techniques include machine learning algorithms, statistical modeling, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and predictive modeling etc.

Data visualization is an integral part of advanced data analytics as it allows users to understand complex insights pictorially, facilitating easier interpretations to make strategies.

Yes. The size of your business doesn’t matter. There are several budget-friendly plans and tools that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses.

Challenges such as the quality of the data, finding domain experts, and the need for appropriate infrastructure to handle large datasets can be some of the issues.

Data security can be ensured by implementing robust encryption, putting access controls in place, and complying with relevant data protection regulations.